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Do not place the phone in the rice! What to do if the phone falls into the water. iPhone fell into the water.

You’ve been through this before, that your iPhone fell into the water? There are all kinds of situations: the phone falls out of the back pocket into the toilet bowl or gets wet because of rain. Or you forget to get the phone from your pocket and someone doused you with water or threw you to the pool.

Anyway, on your phone gets water, what will you do?

I know what will you do: googling “What to do if the phone gets into the water?”. Then you will find that you need to put the phone in the rice, dry it with a hairdryer, put it on the battery, wrap it in a rag, there are many options, like the fantasies of those who use these life hacks./p>

But the best story is to leave the phone on the plate with rice for a whole night and in the morning it should become like new.
NOT to do this.
You get lucky if the phone fell into distilled water, in everyday life, this can only be found in condensate that drains from the air conditioner. But let’s be honest with ourselves, this is an extremely rare “luck”.

If the phone gets into running or seawater, which contains salt and you put the phone in rice, it will draw moisture, but salts will remain in the device. Let’s remember chemistry lessons at school, particularly, the process of copper oxidation.

When our masters at “Remontly” open the phones that dried out in rice, we see that they all “blossom” in green. That’s because at home it’s impossible to get rid of moisture and the entire periodic table, which is inside the liquid.

In “Remontly” we use a special compressor, a solvent-based on alcohol, gasoline and high molecular weight components that expel moisture completely and without consequences.

But if you try to do something by yourself, and salt was left, then your iPhone board, which consists of copper, becomes like rough skin with burrs.

And if the master has the proper qualifications, he can fix it by letting new tracks out of wires and contacts, and the more salt they have, the more work the master does.
The charge on the iPhone is multi-layered and if something like this happened inside, then this cannot be fixed.

What should I do if the phone gets into the water?

Put it in a sealed bag and bring it to any service center as soon as possible. Master will open the phone, turn off the battery and check if everything is OK and then remove moisture without consequences. On one’s hook, you can’t disassemble the device, even if it’s not an old Nokia, so trust the professionals.

Due to a large number of new/used phones on the Ukrainian market, the cost of spare parts is not sky-high, but the concept of replacing the motherboard on the iPhone does not exist, as its cost -80% of the phone price, and it is meaningless repair.

In conclusion: trust the masters, do not repair the iPhone by yourself, don’t trust all the advice on the Internet.


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