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Toothbrush Xiaomi Soocas X3 vs Soocas X5 – review. Best Electric Toothbrush 2019.

Hi, my name is Ivan and I will tell you about the Xiaomi Soocas electric toothbrush.

For many years now there are Oral-B brushes on the market, but they have vibration type. The nozzle of such a brush is small and round, rotating in different directions.

Xiaomi Soocas toothbrush – ultrasonic.

Philips once launched its ultrasonic brushes with a starting price of $ 100. Xiaomi brush costs about $50. It is not only cheaper but also visually more beautiful, the packaging and accessories are somewhat reminiscent of the Apple products if they made toothbrushes.

I have been using this model for several years and am very pleased. I was getting used to my toothbrush for 3 days. Replaceable nozzles can be bought for 100 – 150 UAH, which is equivalent to a good ordinary toothbrush. Xiaomi Soocas is charged with USB wireless charging as soon as you put it on a flat surface and holds the charge for about a week, and sometimes longer.

If you don’t know how long you should brush your teeth, the brush will tell you when to complete the procedure. After that, by double-pressing the button, the brush will discharge all remaining water and will be kept dry and clean.

There is also a separate application for the phone (brush has Bluetooth). I do not see the need for this function, but it may be useful to someone.

And now I would like to compare the models of electric toothbrushes Xiaomi Soocas X3 and Soocas X5.
If the first one in the set had only one nozzle and one gift, the new version has a more impressive set: branded glass, the case for a toothbrush and 2 nozzles, USB charging and 3 different interchangeable nozzles. What is noteworthy, the cost of the older version is only $10 higher.

The new Soocas X5 has become more similar to its competitors in design and has much more functionality – now not only the mode button but also a separate level button.

Another advantage is the ability to charge from Power Bank. The power supply is not included, but nowadays everyone in the house has enough USB interfaces.х.

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