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TOP Powerbank with wireless charging [Gelius Pro Wireless Smart GP-PBW110 10000 mAh]

We are giving away the power bank in this video. You still have time 😉 Hi, my name is Ivan, and I review power bank Gelius Pro Wireless Smart GP-PBW110 10000 mAh. This is a little-known manufacturer for you, but we give a year of warranty to this device.

I like this power bank and I decided to buy it for personal use. So, what is it and is it worth this money? The manufacturer saves on packaging, on cable, but does not save on functionality.

You get a rectangular streamlined device with a strange design – there are suction cups on the outside in several rows, on the sides, there are 2 USB ports for 2 Amperes, Type-C, and micro USB. You can choose how you want to charge the device./p>

But the main feature of this power bank is the ability to attach the device to the iPhone. As soon as the suction cups of the external charge are connected to the back panel of the phone, it will begin to charge.

I have seen a huge amount of power bank with wireless charging, which must be placed on a flat surface with the phone and after that, you need to wait to be charged without the possibility of using the device. If you carry this construction in your hands or put it in a bag, for example, at the slightest disconnect, charging will be interrupted, which is very inconvenient. In the Gelius Pro, suction cups are ideal for mobility. I remember the repeated attempts of Chinese brands to translate this idea into different variations, but in this Powerbank everything is good.

This Power bank is suitable for all iPhone models, but wireless charging works on models starting in iPhone 8, including the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. We tested this charge on my iPhone XS Max.

But even if you have an iPhone below 8, you can still attach the device to the phone and conveniently charge it with a short cable, it is much more convenient than a long cable sticking out of a bag or using stationery to connect the charging and phone.

The cost of this power bank thanks to the ratio of price and quality. My iPhone XS Max Powerbank can charge 2 times, IPhones with less battery can be charged 3 times.

The device itself is charged for no more than 2 hours, plus you can connect 3 devices to Poverbank at the same time.

From myself: I would add only suction cups from the outside so that Gelius Pro can be mounted on a glass or a mirror, and, for example, brushing my teeth in the morning, watching videos or answering messages and not worry that the phone will slip or get wet somewhere.

If you want to test this device, you are always welcome in our repair showroom “Remontly”.х.

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