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Turbosim no longer works! After updating the iPhone, the SIM card is invalid? What to do?

Turbosim no longer works! After updating the iPhone, the SIM card is invalid? What to do?

Does the iPhone not work after the update? Turbosim doesn’t work anymore? Does the iPhone show the message “SIM is invalid” as here on 00:07? In this video, we will tell you what to do with it, why your iPhone, not a never lock, and what is turbo sim. Can this be used in 2019-2020?
You can save on a purchase, but turbo sim has drawbacks and problems.

Subscribe to our channel. We offer a full check with the ability to fix turbo sim problems at the “Remontly” service center. To use it, write us the message on the number: 0501801818 (Telegram, Viber).

1. Send IMEI and the message “Turbosim does not work. IMEI XXXXX”;
2. We send the details for payment (or you can pay in the showroom Remontly);
3. Find out all the information:
– Which operator purchased the iPhone;
– In which country was the iPhone purchased?
– When it was activated;
– Is there a guarantee;
– What list is he on;
– How can it be unlocked?

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Turbosim, X-sim, Z-sim …
Attention, sensation – turbo sim no longer works.

If you updated the settings of your phone, flashed it, deleted everything, or changed the SIM card and received a message from Apple: “Your SIM card is invalid” – know that your phone is never lock.

Unfortunately, you have it with a soldered chip, or it was activated by a chip, or you still go with the chip and when you bought it, the seller guaranteed that everything will always work. But now it’s impossible and you’ve simply been bred.

Of course, some people still use turbo sim and everything works for them, but only until the first attempts to do what you did. And you made a forced activation and sent a request to the Apple server in any of the ways listed above.

But when your phone submits a request there, it is no longer has the previous “unlock” parameters, the Apple servers respond with “Locked”, or, for example, “Locked by USA Sprint”.

What does it mean?

In Ukraine, phones are not sold under a contract with an operator, but in many countries, this is a common thing. But if you buy a phone on a contract basis – it is several times cheaper, but it will be tied to a specific operator. And then the following may happen – you paid in full or not, bought 10 phones under the contract and left the country – it already depends on what list your phone is on.

In general, if your phone displays the message “Your SIM card is invalid” – it is locked under a certain operator (it’s blocked).

Well, now you are thinking: “And what should I do with this now?”. Clients call me very often and I hear from them: “I bought the phone half a year ago and it wasn’t wrong, but it was worked and everything was fine”.

But, since the phone does not work, it’s not never lock. Therefore, all I can do initially is an IMEI check. Checks are paid or free, there are sites for free checks, but, unfortunately, they do not provide reliable information.

I recommended to contact us, we have the opportunity to pay for verification and guarantee the complete accuracy of the information that we provide. After a full check, we give you full information: is it possible to untie the phone from the operator officially and forever – this is not R-sim or a chip.

Untying from the operator costs from $ 1 to $ 200. Such a wide price range is due to the huge number of countries and operators with their tariffs. In some cases, the phone needs to be cleaned, in some – untied for a dollar and it will take a day. Timing may also vary.

Perhaps you already have a question about the guarantee – it is. If we send your phone to the untie and a refusal comes, we will return the money.

So rather, send to us your IMEI and we will check both on-site and remotely, and it will take 5 minutes, or in some cases no more than a day.

Our goal is to return the iPhone to life and we will help to deal with it quickly, efficiently and inexpensively!х.

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